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सागेन सोरेन

स्वागतम्MS SOREN
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Sagen Soren

WELCOME TO SAGEN SORENMS SOREN Sagen Soren(1996)Dandatand Dhanbad Student at VBU Hazaribagh,went to Jharia Raj(+2) High School Jharia,went to Lodna colliery High school Lodna,Studied Electrician at Shashwat Private ITI Dhanbad (NCVT MIS),Languages knows Santhali,English & Hindi Religious Hindu Nationality Indian political views Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) interested in Multimedia live in Dhanbad from Jharia. For more information on the above article, contact: sagen soren Name:
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Sagen Soren Dhanbad
© Copyright 2017 MS Soren